Top Puzzle Games For Android 2015

hitman goHitman GO
Hitman GO is a turn based puzzle video game playable on mobile devices. Each level is comprised of a well-crafted diorama style scene, and the goal is to guide Agent 47 to the designated end of the level while also trying to complete each level sub-challenges. You won’t always be able to complete all challenges on a single level in one attempt, but this gives it some great replay value.


world of gooWorld of Goo
World of Goo is a fun little puzzle game. Using balls of goo with different properties you have to construct solutions that will guide your left over goo through the escape pipe to beat each level. It’s beautifully made, clever, and unmissable.
Monument-ValleyMonument Valley
Monument Valley is a geometric puzzle game where you must move your character (the Princess) along a path to reach the end.  It’s a complete audio/visual treat for the senses that challenges your brain to solve a series of puzzles, which helps you navigate the silent princess through a dream-like world of wonder and stunning architecture. The music and sounds react to your interactions with the screen, making things more immersive and really plunging you head first into the game. It received the top honors at the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards), which speaks volumes about the game’s credentials.

where's my waterWhere’s My Water 1 and 2
Where’s My Water is a game made by Disney and is a sibling of Where’s My Mickey and Where’s My Perry. All of the games have the same premise. You must dig a path through a level and let the water flow to its objective. You have to dig a path so a limited amount of water reaches any of these characters. It’s physics-based so you’ll need to take things like gravity into account.  As the levels proceeds it becomes tricky and you have to avoid certain elements which can destroy the water.

The-Room-2The Room 1 and 2
The Room is a 3D puzzle game. The graphics are sharp and phenomenal and it’s pretty evident that someone put a lot of effort into creating them. In The Room and The Room 2, you must navigate through intricately placed puzzles to make your way to the end. The goal is to fully unlock each puzzle box, extracting a smaller but more complicated box within it. It’s part optical illusion and part hidden objects which makes the game even more fun.

CSICSI: Hidden Crimes
CSI: Hidden Crimes is a Hidden Object Game where you’ll find the atmosphere of the world famous TV show at the tip of your fingers. You will investigate crime scenes, find clues, and run down leads much like they do in the actual show. You can team up with friends to help you find the bad guys and put them behind bars.


candy crushCandy Crush Saga
It is one of the most successful puzzle games of all time and millions of people enjoy it all around the world. It’s about switching and matching your way through hundreds of levels in this delicious puzzle adventure. There is a social component and much like every Facebook game, your friends will either be stoked that you’re playing or hate you eternally for sending them constant game invites.

Threes is a puzzle game the aim is to swipe combining matching number tiles and building the biggest number that you can manage. You move a three tile onto another three tile and you create a six tile. You must then combine that with another six tile to get a 12 tile. This continues until you run out of space and the game ends. It may be aesthetically and tactically simple, but it’s also highly addictive.