Tips for Men’s Sexual Health

Healthy dietA healthy lifestyle, from the food you eat to the exercise you do can make you look and feel better, and improve your sex life too.By eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients and low in fats, you will keep your “sexual” system in good working order. “Obesity can shift the balance between estrogen and testosterone,” says Michael Krychman, MD, executive director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine in Newport Beach, Calif. And low testosterone can bring down your sex drive.

Regular exercise – Physical fitness can improve your blood circulation, which in theory can make sex more pleasurable since sexual arousal for both men and women involves increased blood flow to the genital area. Men who live a “couch potato” lifestyle may soon find themselves with sexual problems.  By “getting up and moving” you will be taking an active role in maintaining your sexual health.  Exercise can boosts endorphins, which lift your mood, and it can increase your energy.

Stop smoking – Doctors agree that smoking can be a major cause of sexual dysfunction in men.  It’s well known that smoking can have a terrible affect on blood flow to the sexual organs as it causes the blood vessels to narrow. Smoking damages the small arteries that feed blood to the penis, making it difficult at times to maintain an erection. It also saps your stamina. For those who plan to have kids in future, smoking can reduce your sperm count and quality.

Moderate your alcohol intake – Too much wine, however, reduces men’s sex drive and women who drink too much are more likely to have sex but less likely to enjoy it.  Alcohol may make you feel sexier by lowering inhibitions, but it also reduces sex drive, causes erection problems, and often times impairs the ability to have an orgasm.

Avoid illegal substances – Unfortunately, some men will take illegal drugs to get high, thinking that it will enhance their sexual experience.  But it most cases, it has the opposite effect.  If you want to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED), then avoid illegal substances.

Stress management – Stress can leave you feeling exhausted, worried, uptight and very nervous, and can also lead to sexual problems as well.  If you allow stress to manage your life, instead of the other way around, your life will soon feel as if it is out of control.  Too much stress increases the stress hormone cortisol, which causes testosterone to plummet, affecting your sex drive.

Yearly check-up – To maintain and monitor your overall (and sexual) health, you should make sure that you have a physical exam at least once a year. See your doctor for regular medical checkups to help you stay healthy and to pick up early warning signs of disease or illness example heart disease, erectile dysfunction (ED), etc.

Aphrodisiac foods – Oysters, the richest source of zinc, nourish the prostate gland and boost testosterone production. It contains antioxidants and trace elements necessary for good sexual functioning. Pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts and almonds, are rich in the amino acid arginine, boosting levels of blood to the genitals, making them natural Viagra.