Stem, Stemless And Thickness For Wine Glasses

Thickness for Wine Glasses
The ideal wineglass is paper-thin. Thin glass keeps the wine cool whereas thick glass absorbs the coolness and raises the wine’s temperature. Thin glasses also tend to have cut rims that permit the wine to flow smoothly onto the tongue. Additionally, thinner glass helps create a finer stream of wine to run across the taste buds on your tongue and it’s much more easier to appreciate what your wine looks like if you use thin wine glasses.

Thicker wineglasses are more durable and can usually be washed in the dishwasher, but they often have rolled edges that inhibit the smooth flow of the wine and tend to accentuate acidity and harshness.

Stem vs Stemless Glasses
Stemless wine tumblers have become very popular in recent years and there is no denying that they can look very nice. However, there are good reasons to avoid them if you want to get the most out of your wine drinking experience — as opposed to simply wanting to look hip and stylish. Stemless glasses force you to hold the glass by the bowl which the warmth of your hand will heat up the wine, changing its temperature from whatever is optimal to something higher. Even your first sip of wine may not be at the right temperature.

Wine glasses have stems not just for aesthetic reasons, but mainly so that the wine glass may be held without covering the bowl in greasy fingerprints (impeding your ability to see the wine properly). Holding by the stem also ensures that warmth from the hand does not influence the temperature of a wine that has been served chilled. This ensures that the heat of your hand isn’t transferred to the wine and keeps the glass bowl from being smudged. Another advantage of stemmed glasses is that they can be stored by hanging them upside down so no stale air or dust gets trapped in the bowl.

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