How to Select the Best Web Hosting Service? (7 of 14 Tips) – Part 1

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It is important that you get the correct web hosting service right from the beginning as this is a long-term commitment as you grow your blogs or websites. But how to make sure we get the right web hosting and not end up spending unnecessary time switching from one to another? In this post we’re going share with you the 14 tips on selecting the best web hosting service. This will be broken in 2 parts where first 7 tips will be shared in this post and another 7 in a subsequent article.

1. How Is Their Customer Support?

Before you make any commitment, do note that the web hosting provider’s customer care services is of utmost importance. Test them prior to signing up. Make sure to ask lots of questions and clarify any doubts you may have. Observe the speed and quality of their responses. If you’re satisfied with their replies, then this clears of stage one.

2. What about the Downtime?

Be sure to find out what the maximum server downtime is. As a thumb of rule, it should not exceed 0.5%. There are many free trial tools that you can utilize to monitor the uptime of the hosting provider. Never settle for less!

3. Take the Reviews with a pinch of salt

During your research for the web hosting service provider, you will come across many reviews. Never take them word for word as many of them are paid reviews. But this is not to say that they aren’t reliable either. Just make sure you do your due diligence before signing up. (Reading through this article is one of them!)

4. Choose Versatile Hosting Services

Do not choose a hosting company just because they offer cheaper price. You should go for a solid and reliable hosting company if you intend to grow your website. Small hosting company may not have what you need as you grow. Therefore, try to make the correct decision right from the start.

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5. Find Out If They Offer Long Trial Periods

Frankly speaking, a 14-day trial period is not long enough as we cannot really figure out their potential within such a period. Try to get a 30-day trial period, test them for a whole month and if you’re not satisfied with their services, you can still get your refund.

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6. Make Sure There is a Consistent The Software And Applications Update

In today’s fast paced technology advancement, there is no excuse for a hosting company not to keep their hardware, software and web applications constantly upgraded. Because if they don’t bother updating their own applications, how is it possible that your needs are taken care of?

7. Register Your Domain Separately

This is one of the frequently made mistake as people always want convenience by having everything under one roof. Always make sure to register your domain name on a different registrar should there is a need to switch web hosting, it could be done without any hassle.


*** to be continued ***

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