How to Light a Cigar

160x600 bannerTo light your cigar you need the correct lighter. Some cigar buffs use cedar strips for the job. Most people prefer to use a long wooden match or a butane lighter. When using a long match, wait until the sulfur burns off before lighting the cigar. Long wooden matches are the best because they look cool and they stay lit longer. Avoid candles, paper matches, a stove, and lighters that use lighter fluid (naphtha) because the chemicals and odors can affect the taste of the tobacco.

First cut the head of the cigar (the sealed end, just take off a little bit). Take the cigar in your hand and light your flame source. Now while slowly rotating the cigar bring the flame to the foot of the cigar lightly toast the foot until the entire foot is warmed and blackened. Now put the cigar in your mouth and start lightly puffing on it and turning it, bring the flame close to but not touching the cigar. The puffing will make the flame “jump” from the match to the cigar. Keep puffing and turning until completely lit.

When the cigar is lit, remove it from your mouth and look at the foot to make sure it is burning evenly. If it isn’t, you can gently blow on the foot causing it to ignite the tobacco which is not burning or you can apply a flame to that area. If you have an area which is burning faster than the other areas, simply wet your finger and apply under the quick burning area, this should slow it down.