Guys Should Know How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Her

“Buying lingerie requires precision and finesse,” says Lash Fary, author of Fabulous Gifts. “If you find something that fits her personality, she’ll feel sexy and beautiful, and she’ll act that way when she’s wearing it. But if you buy her something that doesn’t complement her sexuality, she’ll feel self-conscious, and her passion will be stifled.”

Different Fabrics, Different Looks and Feels

Silk – Silk is a natural fiber that we associate with luxury, comfort and softness. It hangs smoothly and feels amazing to the touch. Silk doesn’t stretch, so it works well in flowing babydolls, robes, and gowns. Silk is a natural fiber.

Lycra® Spandex – Used in many styles of lingerie, Lycra® Spandex is the ultimate body-hugging material. Used in many sexy styles of men’s underwear as well as women’s, it conforms to her body perfectly and gives support. Lycra® Spandex will stretch and spring back to its original shape.

Cotton – Cotton is a natural fiber used in many clothing types. In lingerie, cotton’s most common use is for underwear and in the panty-lining. This is important because cotton is a wicking fiber that allows her skin to breathe and stay cool & dry.

Nylon – Nylon is a synthetic fiber that holds its shape and size and is highly durable. Nylon apparel may be machine washed & dried and requires no ironing. Another name for nylon is Polymide.

Rayon – Rayon is very much like silk, but it is made with wood pulp or other vegetable matter. Rayon is a soft, breathable fabric that feels wonderful against the skin. It is not a highly durable fabric on its own, but when blended with other fabrics, its strength increases.

Vinyl – Many fetish lingerie and men’s wear is made of patent (shiny) vinyl. Vinyl allows lingerie and underwear makers to produce patent leather-look pieces at more affordable prices than genuine leather. The material is also more flexible and lighter-weight than leather.

Microfiber – Microfiber is made with extremely small fibers, smaller than silk even. This creates a lightweight fabric that is very breathable. Usually microfiber is made of polyester or nylon fibers. The fabric is known to be lightweight, breathable, soft, and smooth.

Latex – Latex is made with rubber and thus has rubber-like qualities. Used in some elastics to provide greater elasticity. Breaks down easily when exposed to sun and body moisture. Many are allergic to direct contact of latex on their body, for whom spandex is an alternative.

Find the right fabric and style to match her exact body type and tastes.
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