Free Web Hosting FAQ’s

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To have a website, you will need a web host provider that will store and share your data on the internet. When it comes to finding a web hosting provider, budget may be one of the most important issues to consider. One of the good options for those with limited resources is to opt for a free web hosting. Along with these comes a number of questions about free web hosting and they should expect.

In order to present a clearer idea, let’s go through some of the commonly asked questions about this type of web hosting:

Is it really free after all?

The very first question that begs clarification is, is it really free? There is no such thing in this world as free lunch and the same thing applies here as well. The service maybe free in terms of subscription fee; companies offering free web hosting typically doesn’t charge any fees and signing up is FOC. But what’s behind it? Free web host providers get their many from online ads which mean it is inevitable that your website may have pop up advertisements and banner ads that are less likely to appeal to your online readers. Yes you are saving a few dollars by not paying for a provider but then again you are repaying this “free” treat in a different way.

What about the pros and cons of free web hosting?

Apart from being free of charge, users can build and maintain several websites with this type of web hosting. This is a good starting point for beginners who are looking to get their feet wet. Since the service is free after all. Also, students of web design can use these free web hosting sites to practice their skills and try out different tricks in website building.

As for the disadvantages, with free web hosting, you cannot have your own domain name. Having your own domain is very important if you want to build a strong presence online. This will never happen as one of the downside of free web hosting is you are only given a sub domain name. And should you run into any trouble, there is no technical and customer support in a free web host environment. So in cases your website encounters some technical difficulties you are pretty much on your own to solve it.

So which one should I choose?

The best way to answer this question is to determine your goals and objectives for the website. If it’s just for leisure purpose to share images or have a personal space online then a free web host is sufficient. However, for professionals who are looking into marketing their services or businesses that are planning to launch their company online, a paid web hosting provider is advisable.

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