Concert Ukulele

guitar effects and accessoriesThe concert ukulele, sometimes referred to as the alto, is only a couple of inches bigger than the soprano.  The concert ukulele is usually around 23 inches long, and has only 15-17 scale length depending on model.

The frets are a bit more spaced on a concert ukulele.  This gives the concert an extended playing range over the soprano ukulele, making it a preferable choice for ukulele soloists. There can be up to 20 frets on a concert ukulele which allows players to navigate to higher notes on the fret board.

The strings are standard-tuned to the re-entrant tuning of G-C-E-A(from left to right). Like the name suggests, these are the most popular for live performance, as their comfortable size and good projection work well in amplified or acoustic settings. The Concert ukulele was designed to be a slightly larger ukulele with a louder, deeper and more melodic tone, more fitting for concert playing.

Most well-known Concert Ukulele brands

  • KALA Concert Ukulele
  • LANIKAI Concert Ukulele
  • MARTIN Concert Ukulele
  • OSCAR SCHMIDT Concert Ukulele