Choosing the Right Coffee Grind Size

Discount Coffee - Fast shipping , K cups and more The way you grind your coffee has a huge effect on the way it tastes. If your coffee is ground too fine, however, the coffee can be over-extracted and bitter. The ideal fineness (or coarseness) of your ground coffee depends mainly on what type of brewing method you are going to use.

TOrganic Kona Coffeeypes Of Coffee Grinds
Coarse- Distinct large bulky grounds of coffee, much like heavy grained kosher salt.
Medium – the coffee feels and looks much like beach sand.
Fine – Smooth to the touch and a little finer than sugar and table salt.
Extra Fine – Finer than sugar, but not quite powdered.
Turkish – The finest grind yet which looks like flour.



Grind Size versus Brewing Method

Grind Size Brewing Method
Coarse Grind ·         French Press (press or plunger pot)·         Toddy Makers (cold brew method)·         Vacuum Coffee Maker·         Percolater
Medium Grind ·         Drip Makers with flat bottom filters (like Bunn, Newco, Fetco)
Fine Grind ·         Pourover Cones·         Vacuum Pots·         Siphon Brewers·         Moka Pots
Extra Fine ·         Espresso Machines – pump or steam
Turkish ·         Ibrik·         Cezve·         Briki·         Mbiki

·         Toorka Coffee Makers