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The Meaning of Rose Colors

fresh rosesBecause the rose is such a willing participant in love’s many escapades, different colors and varieties have taken on symbolic meanings. When you choose a color, variety or number of roses for someone, you are personalizing your gift with deeper sentiment. Regardless of color, their unique beauty and subtle fragrance convey a message guaranteed to elicit delight from the recipient and envy from others.

Red: Love and Romance
One of the most universal of all symbols, the red rose represents true love. It has also appeared throughout history and across cultures as both a political and religious symbol.

Yellow: Friendship, Joy, Get Well
While in Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, today it represents friendship, joy and caring. A bouquet of these sun-filled blossoms conveys warmth, gladness and affection. Yellow roses send a message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. The color represents feelings of joy and delight.

Lavender: Enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight
The color purple has a traditional association with royalty. In this regard, shades of lavender roses suggest an air of regal majesty and splendor.

Pink: Love, Gratitude, Appreciation
Pink carries with it the connotation of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. A deep pink conveys gratitude and appreciation, while pale shades connote grace and gentleness, admiration and happiness.

White: Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality
Also known as the bridal rose, the white rose is a traditional wedding flower. White flowers are generally associated with new beginnings and make an ideal accompaniment to a first-time bride walking down the aisle. Early tradition used white roses as a symbol for true love, an association which would later become the hallmark of the red rose. White flowers can be used to convey sympathy or humility. They are associated with honor and reverence, which makes them a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.

Peach: Sincerity, Gratitude and Appreciation
Delicate and beautiful peach roses send a message of sensitivity. The soft, pastel color of peach roses is comforting and soothing. A bouquet of peach roses shows your deep appreciation and gratitude or just an elegant way to say “Thank You!”

Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm and Passion
With their warm, vibrant tones, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. They can be an expression of fascination, or a gift to say ‘I’m proud of you.

Green: Renewal
Green is the color of life, abundant growth, and constant renewal of life and energy. The green rose signifies the constant rejuvenation of spirit, and is therefore a messenger of cheerfulness.Green roses can symbolize best wishes for a prosperous new life or wishes for recovery of good health.

Black: Farewell, and Death
Black is the color of death and farewell. A black rose, like the blue rose remains elusive. What we know as black roses are actually really dark red roses. Black roses convey the death of a feeling or idea. Sending black roses to someone indicates the death of the relationship.

Manhood Enlargement

Back in those days, guys didn’t have much choice over penis extenders in the market.  What you could only get was one fixed design which will lead to higher chance of slippages or the design didn’t match the shape of your penis.

But with technology improvement over time, many top penis extender manufacturers have modified and adapted their designs to offer their users a better and higher quality product.

The following are some of the design improvements over the years:

1.         Silicon Noose vs. Comfort Strap – in addition to giving users a silicon noose, penis extenders, SizeGenetics, also provide users with a comfort strap which reduces slippages and spreads the traction of the device over a larger surface area.

2.         Comfort Technology– to account for the diversity of sizes, shapes, angles and the actual sensitivity of your penis, penis extenders now also offer such things as a protection pad (to increase comfort where you use the noose or strap), fabric covered latex head grip (reduces rubbing and chaffing against the skin) and non-slip pro-tech matt strap (to reduce slippage). Through these various combinations some penis extenders can offer users up to 16 different ways to wear their device.

3.         MDA Technology (Multi Directional Angling) – SizeGenetics is one of many penis extenders that now incorporate Multi-Directional Angling into their design. By using this, users can comfortably wear their device no matter the degree of curvature in your penis.

No matter what size, shape, angle or sensitivity of your penis, it is now possible to use penis extenders to apply traction to your penis, trigger cell replication and growth, and increase the size of your penis by inches. Please make sure the extender which you are going to purchase can offer you more than 4 ways to wear, product quality, user reviews and it is safe to use.

Erection Boosting Foods

Eating the right foods in right quantity can boost your sex drive and a poor diet can have a dramatic effect on your sexual performance. Without the correct vitamins and nutrients, your sexual performance will inevitably suffer. There are foods that are particularly important for optimum sexual health and general well-being; here are some of the very best natural erection boosters:

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants which aid the body’s natural production of Nitric Oxide that help to relax and dilate blood vessels which are crucial for an erection. Pomegranate also helps increase blood flow to all parts of the body including the genitals, thereby charging your sex drive.

Garlic And Chilli
Garlic contains allicin, which is thought to increase blood flow and healthy circulation to sexual organs.  It has positive effects on the libido and helps you to achieve strong longer erections. Capsaicin, things that makes chillies hot, promotes the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate and trigger the release of endorphins that gives you a natural high.
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Eggs are high in protein and contain high levels of the vitamins B5 and B6 which are needed for increase energy and sex drive and regulate hormone levels. And eggs also help to combat stress.

Oysters and Fish Oil
Oysters are ultra high in zinc which is important for sperm production and blood circulation. Oysters are also rich in vitamin B6, which are vital for testosterone. Oily fish contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as selenium and zinc which are essential for healthy brain function and good blood circulation around the body. It is also important in terms of maintaining healthy sperm and semen.

Figs are great natural libido enhancers. They can boost sexual stamina and help you achieve a solid erection. Figs are also rich in amino acids that help increase male libido.

Oats are rich in fibre which will clean up your blood vessels. This can prevent high levels of cholesterol and the blood clogging. Chemicals called avenanthramides are found in oats stop fatty deposits building up in the arteries that can cause erectile dysfunction and heart disease. Oats also boost testosterone levels.

Many of us eat chocolate but what we may not realise is that certain chocolate can promote blood flow to the penis.  Dark chocolate contains flavanols that help lower blood pressure and help to reduce bad cholesterol. High blood pressure and bad cholesterol are both causes of erectile dysfunction.

By adding these foods to your daily diet, you can reap the benefits of an improved sex life. And don’t forget, exercise is also one of the best ways to increase your sex drive and sexual potency. A healthy mind, body and lifestyle bring you a better sex life.

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