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Who’s Health Is It?

This information has been provided by Al Sears, MD and Doctor’s House Call. For more information or to sign up for a free subscription, visit


No one cares about your health and the health of your loved ones more than you do. We at the Wellness Research Foundation believe that the best way to ensure quality in healthcare is to allow you to be in control. We believe you have an inherent right to decide on quality, expertise, respect and alternative treatments for your own health.

Unfortunately, the modern medical system all too often robs you of this natural right. Drug company marketing incentives directly conflict with your need for honest information. Hospitals and insurance companies make decisions concerning your health care options without your consent. Your own doctor has seen his authority eroded, and worse, has become increasingly dependent on medical information biased by economic influences beyond his control.

John Stewart Mill said, “A man’s (or woman’s) autonomy over his (or her) own body is absolute.” We are committed to joining you in reclaiming this right as we proclaim the following principles.

Your Health Emancipation Proclamation

1) You should be free to choose, according to your own standards.

2) You must have absolute “veto power” over any medical treatment option.

3) You should have access to medical research done by independent companies who will not benefit financially from the results.

4) You should be informed of potential side effects of any treatment option proposed.

5) You should have public education programs focused on wellness.

6) You should have equal and uncensored access to natural alternatives to conventional medical procedures and treatments.

To support you as a partner in these collaborate efforts, the WELLNESS RESEARCH FOUNDATION proclaims our commitment to provide research, education, publishing and an unbiased wellness information forum.

The Wellness Research Foundation Promises To:

Conduct new research to determine the effectiveness of more natural treatments.

  • Collate neglected international research data for a broader base of options.
  • Develop and support not-for-profit wellness programs.
  • Hold public seminars to disseminate health improvement strategies.
  • Cooperate with public institutions to share wellness findings.
  • Publish original, primary research articles.
  • Publish not-for-profit books, pamphlets, and reports on wellness and disease.
  • Provide a monthly wellness letter.
  • Discuss representative health concerns of all ages and groups.
  • Provide a medium for the developing, expressing and interacting of diverse views.

Proclaimed by the Board of Directors of the WELLNESS RESEARCH FOUNDATION.

Empower Yourself … And Keep Your Most Valuable Possession

This information has been provided by Al Sears, MD and Doctor’s House Call. For more information or to sign up for a free subscription, visit

“Every man is born with one possession which out values all others…His last breath”

–Mark Twain

Deep down, we all know there is nothing more important than our health. But sometimes we need reminding. We get distracted by our busy daily routines. It’s easy to neglect your health when it’s good.

It’s my job to remind you. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to taking care of yourself. Don’t take your health for granted. Take preventative action now, before things go bad.

In ancient China, they paid their doctors when they were well and stopped if they got sick. Sounds like a good system.

In today’s installment, you’ll find out why you have to take more responsibility for managing your own health than ever before.

* What Was Current Yesterday Is Outdated Today *

? The incredible speed of medical progress is a double-edged sword. A wise professor in medical school once told me that 50% of everything I learned in medical school would become obsolete within 10 years. Since graduating, the pace of change has only accelerated further.

• Publishing industry experts estimate that more than 6000 pages of new medical information are published every day. Even if your doctor reads 300 pages of new medical information per day, he is only skimming 5%. This overwhelming volume has lead to further and further specialization in medicine.

• Meanwhile, medicine has become big business. The insurance industry is taking control of decision making from your doctor. Their demands are forcing a hectic day-to-day lifestyle on doctors. The average workload is 150 patients per week.

• A recent issue of JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, reports that Americans headed to their doctors’ offices 697,082,000 times last year. After waiting to see the doctor, the average time spent face-to-face was to less than 10 minutes.

• The average time to ask the doctor questions is less than 60 seconds.

• According to April 2002, issue of US News & World Report, “This assembly line approach to medicine leaves patients frustrated and doctors disillusioned.”

* Power to the Patient *

These conditions call for a new approach … a system that empowers patients to become better equipped to manage their own health. Twenty-first century technology can help offer solutions. Ask your doctor if he has an E-mail address. E-mail correspondence can be an efficient way to improve communication with your doctor. Your doctor may even have his own web site. You should ask.

Plan for your next visit in advance by scanning the internet for information on your health concerns. Jot down notes and questions to take with you when you see your doctor. Take a friend or a spouse to help you remember. And as always, if he gives you a drug ask about alternatives – and ask about side effects.

I have maintained for years that the highest ethical role for a doctor is to inform and advise. Now with the power of Internet communication, I can accomplish this with far greater efficiency than ever before. Now you can have the option of considering health matters from a different point of view – The perspective that drugs should be minimized and natural alternatives preferred.

In the next installment, I will look at the most important supplement you should be taking. Hint: It’s not a vitamin.

Al Sears, MD

Drug Danger Hits Home

This information has been provided by Al Sears, MD and Doctor’s House Call. For more information or to sign up for a free subscription, visit


I had a narrow escape with danger last month. LM, a 68 year-old retired teacher living in Boca Raton came to see if I would help her lower cholesterol without drugs. She had heard through a friend that I specialized in natural alternatives.

LM had been given Zocor, one of the “statin” drugs. Soon after taking it, she began to feel tired and sore. “I told my doctor that I was aching all over and I had no energy. He said it couldn’t be the medication and I needed to keep taking it. He prescribed Celebrex for the pain but it didn’t help. I’m not supposed to see him again for three months.”

“It got so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. So … I don’t know if I should tell you this, but … I stopped the Zocor on my own, against his advice. I felt so much better. The next day, my energy came back. I haven’t taken any for a week. My muscles are still a little sore but that’s getting better too. I know it was the drug and I’ll never take it again.”

I reassured LM that she had done the right thing. She could use natural alternatives that would be safe. I checked her blood to make sure her kidneys were recovering. They were. But her cholesterol was a whopping 290. And it was mostly the unhealthy kind, LDL cholesterol. This combination makes having a heart attack or a stroke more likely.

* A Clear Case for a Natural Alternative *

So did I tell her to take a drug? Absolutely not! Natural alternates work as well without the dangers. I informed her about a little known natural supplement called policosanol.

Policosanol is an organic alcohol derived from plants. I know of at least 15 studies proving its effectiveness and safety. I’ve never seen any side effects and no serious side effects have been reported. I gave it to LM and in just one month, her total cholesterol plummeted to 208. Even better, that important ratio of good to bad cholesterol has already normalized.

You can get policosanol at any of the nutrition chain stores. I’ve seen it at GNC, Wild Oats, Nutrition World and others. I’ve used multiple brands with equally good results. I usually recommend starting with 20 milligrams per day and measure a cholesterol blood test in 3 months. You can take it any time of day, with or without food.

We made one other important change with LM. We stopped several other drugs and replaced them with natural alternatives – including what she had been told was HRT. That’s the subject I want to bring up in your next letter.

Al Sears, MD

Furnished versus Unfurnished

Renters will often be faced with the decision of whether to opt for a furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment. The majority of apartments available for rent are likely to be unfurnished apartments but there are some apartments which are available with furnishings. There are some situations in which it makes sense to choose a furnished apartment. Likewise there are situations in which a furnished apartment is not a good idea. This article will discuss these situations in an effort to assist the reader in determining whether or not it is better to rent a furnished apartment or an unfurnished apartment.

iqmatics_ss2What Does Furnished Mean?

A furnished apartment may mean different things to different people. Some renters may expect a furnished apartment to have each and every room completely furnished with every possible piece of furniture. Typical furnishings may include a bed, a dresser, nightstands, alarm clock with built in radio, a television, stereo equipment, DVD player, an entertainment center, couch, coffee table, end tables, kitchen table and kitchen chairs. It may also include dining room furniture such as a dining room table, chairs and a curial cabinet. Others may assume a furnished apartment includes only the necessary furnishings such as a bed, couch, kitchen table and chairs. This essentially eliminates all electrical equipment as well as furniture deemed to be decorative in nature such as a coffee table, end tables or nightstands.

When is a Furnished Apartment a Good Idea?

A furnished apartment is a good idea for recent college graduates who lived on campus in a dorm room prior to graduation. These students likely have very little furniture of their own. In this case, renting a furnished apartment may be more economical than purchasing enough furniture to live comfortably in the apartment.

The overall cost of a furnished apartment may be higher in the long run because the renter may pay more but those who are unable to pay a great deal of money upfront to furnish an apartment might not mind paying this additional amount. For these renters, they are not likely to notice the impact of a slightly higher monthly rent payment but they would definitely feel the impact of significant purchases such as a bed, couch or dining room set.

When is an Unfurnished Apartment a Good Idea?

There are certain situations in which an unfurnished apartment is a good idea. This includes a situation where the renter has already accumulated enough furniture to furnish the entire apartment. In this case, selecting a furnished apartment would not make sense because the renter would have to find a location to store either his own furniture or the furniture supplied by the apartment complex. The cost of storage can add up very quickly. Additionally, the renter probably pays a higher rent to stay in a furnished apartment.

An unfurnished apartment is also a good idea when the renter currently does not have any furniture but is looking forward to purchasing furniture and has already saved up enough money to make these purchases. In this situation the renter will likely select an unfurnished apartment and plan on shopping for furniture almost immediately after taking possession of the rental property.

Storing Extra Furniture

Renters who opt for a fully furnished apartment when they already have a sufficient amount of furniture have to determine what they will do with their furniture while they are staying in the rental apartment. The options are basically as follows:furniture

* Sell or give away all currently owned furniture
* Store your own furniture
* Store the furniture which comes with the apartment

While each of the above options is certainly valid, the renter should seriously consider whether or not they want to pay additional storage fees just to rent a furnished apartment. Renters who plan to sell or donate their current furniture do not face this dilemma but those who plan to store one set of furniture should carefully consider the price of storage. They should also consult with the leasing agent to determine if there are any contract items which prohibit placing furniture owned by the apartment complex in an offsite storage facility. There may be provisions which allow for these items to be stored but require them to be stored onsite.

Online Shopping During Festive Season

shoppingShopping online during the holidays is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for shoppers. Although many shoppers still enjoy the hustle and bustle of doing their holiday shopping in traditional stores and may also enjoy the festive decorations festooning stores during the holiday season, many shoppers are glad to have the option to do at least part of their holiday shopping online. This is because there are a myriad of benefits to shopping online during the holiday season. Two of the most common benefits include the ability to do last minute shopping online and the convenience of avoiding overcrowded stores during the holiday season. This article will discuss these two advantages in greater detail and will also provide information on some of the other advantages to online shopping which are also important to holiday shoppers.

Last Minute Shopping for Holiday Gifts

Although there are some shoppers who are well prepared and do their holiday shopping in advance, many shoppers find themselves scrambling to purchase gifts at the last minute. These last minute shoppers far outnumber the well organized individuals who complete their holiday shopping months in advance. This category also includes not only chronic procrastinators who put off holiday shopping until the last minute but also includes well intentioned shoppers who were caught by surprise with a need to purchase gifts for a few extra people at the last minute. Fortunately for these last minute shoppers, online shopping take a great deal of the stress out of last minute shopping.

One of the greatest benefits of last minute shopping is the ability to ship gifts to friends and relatives. The available shipping options may even make it possible for shoppers to have these gifts arrive within 24 hours after making the purchase. Shoppers may pay a premium for these express shipping services but it can be a worthwhile investment for last minute shoppers who would otherwise be caught empty handed.

Avoiding Holiday Crowds by Shopping Onlinemakeup_colletion_set

The crowds at traditional stores can unbelievable during the holiday season. Finding a parking space often becomes a stressful situation and simply navigating stores can be chaotic. While some shoppers thrive in this type of environment most shoppers find this to be stressful. Furthermore some shoppers may enjoy this type of environment for brief periods of time but may have difficulty completing their holiday shopping with so much chaos surrounding them. Fortunately, online shopping provides a welcomed escape to much of the shopping chaos of traditional stores.

Online shoppers can shop when it is most convenient for them and typically the most troubling crowd related problems they experience is slow loading of websites which are overloaded by website visitors. Waiting for a few extra moments for a website to reload may be somewhat frustrating but it is significantly less stressful than standing in line at a crowded store for long periods of time.

Added Benefits to Shopping Online During the Holidays

There are also other benefits to shopping online during the holidays which do not necessarily pertain to the holiday season but certainly simplify the process of shopping online for holiday gifts. One of these benefits is the ability to comparison shop with ease. When shopping online comparison shopping is as easy as opening two different websites from competitors and comparing the products they have available and the prices they are charging for these products. This is much simpler than running around from one store to another to find out which stores have a particular item available and how much each store is currently charging for this item.

Another benefit to shopping online is the ability to purchase items from stores located far away. Holiday shoppers who limit themselves to traditional stores are also limiting the products which are available to them. These traditional shoppers can only purchase items which they physically find in a store while online shoppers can search stores around the world for a particular item. This can be particular useful for shoppers who are looking for a specific item which is hard to locate.

Finding A Real Estate Agent

Whenever you buy or sell real estate, you may be like millions of other people out there, in thinking that you don’t need a real estate agent.  Most people who buy or sell homes, generally think that a real estate agent is a waste of money.  Those who choose to buy a new home, think that real estate agents only add to the cost of purchasing the home.

What most people aren’t aware of, is the fact that real estate agents are normally paid by the seller, not by the buyer.  As a buyer, you’ll get to work with a professional real estate agent without really having to pay for it yourself.  The policies can vary greatly from state to state and company to company, which is why you should always check any paperwork or contracts that are provided to you to ensure this is the case.  When you are interviewing agents, make certain to ask about any type of fees as well.

A lot of real estate agents out there may work with both buyers and sellers, although most specialize in working with either the buyer or the seller.  If you are buying a home, make sure that the agent you choose has prior experience of working with buyers and transactions that involve no money down.  This way, you can count on your agent to be there when you need him the most – especially if you don’t have a down payment.

If you are interviewing a real estate agent and he or she isn’t familiar with down payment assistance programs, you shouldn’t hire their services.  Agents who aren’t familiar with these types of programs generally aren’t on the level, or they may lack the experience necessary to help you purchase the home of your dreams.
You can also make a list of real estate agents that you can interview based on referrals from friends, lenders, and even family. Lender referrals are normally a great choice as most lenders have worked with their recommendations in the past and both are already familiar with each other.  Choosing a lenders referral can also prevent you from encountering any obstacles or surprises.

When you interview a real estate agent, make sure that you have the agent explain his fees.  This way, you’ll know exactly how much he will be getting from the purchase.  You should also find out how much experience he has in the field, and how long he has been working with real estate.  You can also ask about sample contracts as well.  If you are buying a home, you should make sure that the agent works with buyers.  If you happen to be selling your home, then you’ll want to make sure that the agent works with sellers. Agents that are dedicated to one or the other are the best to choose, as they will have more experience than agents who work with both buyers and sellers.

Find a real estate agent is an easy task – providing you know what to look for.  If you take things one step at a time and carefully make a decision, chances are that you’ll end up with an agent who has the experience you want.  You should always be careful when you choose, and never rush the process.  Real estate agents are easy to find, although finding one who fits your needs and has your budget in mind is a little tougher to locate.  When you make that final decision, you should always choose an agent who has your best interest in mind – and isn’t just after the money.

Fragrance Gifts For Her

A recent survey from the consumer market research shows that fragrance ranks in the top 5 on holiday shopping lists. Perfume is a highly individualised gift. Choosing one to give someone as a gift can be tough. There are few things to take into consideration when choosing the right fragrance for our beloved.

Consider the Purpose – When will it be worn? Lighter scents are usually worn during daytime, while more intense ones are used for the evening.
Consider Personality Style – Women who love floral perfumes are quite “girly” in their tastes. According to the stereotypes, they are sweet, shy and very feminine. Give a floral perfume to this kind of girl and she’ll love it for sure.On the other hand, fruity scents are perhaps a little “wilder” or young-at-heart. This target is often a sporty, outgoing person. They are good fun and have a sense of humor.
Consider the Perfume’s Image – Fragance should match the image to that individual.

dior miss diorDior Miss Dior Gift Set($112)
Notes: Italian Mandarin Essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli Essence.
Style: Pure. Precious. Elegant.

Michael KorsMichael Kors Glam Jasmine Gift Set, ($112)
Notes: Cassis, Jasmine, Sandalwood.
Style: Feminine. Floral. Head-turning.

Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Gift Set, ($120)
Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.
Style: Oriental. Gourmand. Floral.


Versace Eros Pour Femme Gift Set, ($92)
Notes: Sicilian Lemon, Calabrian Bergamot, Pomegranate, Lemon Flower, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, Jasmine infusion, Peony, Sandlewood, Ambrox, Musks, Sensual Wood.
Style: Vibrant. Feminine. Enchanting.

Prada Candy

PRADA Candy Eau de Parfum Deluxe Gift Set($120)
Notes: Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin.
Style: Carefree. Sophisticated. Sensual.


Chloé Chloé Love Story Set, ($120)
Notes: Orange Blossom Oil, Stephanotis Jasmine, Physalis, Cedarwood.
Style: Feminine. Sophisticated. Sensual.

Cartier La Panthere Gift Set

Cartier La Panthere Gift Set, ($115)
Notes: Gardenia, Musk.
Style: Captivating. Sensual. Feline.

giorgo si

Giorgio Armani Si Parfum Set, ($80)
Notes: Chypre, Blackcurrant Nectar, Airy Florals, Musky Blond Wood.
Style: Graceful. Modern. Unconventional.


BURBERRY My Burberry Gift Set

BURBERRY My Burberry Gift Set, ($132)
Notes: Sweet Pea, Bergamot, Geranium, Golden Quince, Freesia, Patchouli, Rain-Tipped Damask and Centifolia Roses.
Style: Effortless. Personal. Timeless.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Gift SetMarc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Gift Set, ($110)
Notes: Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.
Style: Bright. Alluring. Eternal.

GucciGucci Gorgeous Gardenia Gift Set, ($80)
Notes: Red Berries, Pear, White Gardenia, Frangipani Flower, Patchouli, Brown Sugar Accord.
Style: Charming. Romantic. Optimistic.


If you’re hitting the fragrance counter, hope these steps can help you to sniffing out the right scent for your loved ones.

Beauty Gifts Below $35

Still stuck on gift ideas? There are plenty of beauty gift ideas that feel luxe, and you can afford on even a shoestring budget. This holiday gift guide will help you find the best gifts for her.

Benefit Pucker Up and Party Limited Edition Cheek Stain and BalmBenefit Pucker Up and Party Limited Edition Cheek Stain and Balm, ($34)
Clarins Perfect Lips Christmas SetClarins Perfect Lips Christmas Set, ($32)
Victoria's Secret Body Care Travel SetVictoria’s Secret Body Care Travel Set, ($35)

Buckingham Palace Royal Collection Hand CreamBuckingham Palace Royal Collection Hand Cream, ($21)
BENEFIT Fine One 1Benefit Fine One One, ($30)
Orofluido Overnight Beauty Ritual PackOrofluido Overnight Beauty Ritual Pack, ($29.95)
Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind kitBite Beauty Rewind Lip Crayon Set, ($25)
Tarte Shine Bright Statement Lash EssentialsTarte Shine Bright Statement Lash Essentials, ($20)
philosophy Christmas Cookbook SetPhilophy Christmas Cookbook Set, ($28)         
CaudalieCaudalie Vine Body Luxury Set, ($34)

Enjoy your chirstmas shopping.

Tricks To Apply Cream Blushes And Stick Blushes

Like most makeup, blush looks best when applied sparingly and with a light touch. Blush is available in several formulations: cream, powder, and stick. Generally, powder formulations are the easiest to apply and blend. And today we will be talking more about cream blusher and stick blush.

Gel blushes can look really translucent and sheer, so they give a natural, flushed look. But gel blushes usually dry quickly, so you have to work fast. It’s best to use your fingers and blend into the cheeks. With stick blushes, you can use your fingers or a brush. An easy way to know where you are applying the blush is to smile and apply blush to the round apples of your smile. The trick is not to go too far below the apple and don’t streak the product or it won’t look natural. You can apply directly from the stick and then blend out with your fingers or a brush. The warmth of your fingertip tends to help keep the blush movable. Or your other option is to work off the stick and then apply to the cheeks with your fingers.

  MAC Cosmetics Cremeblend Blush MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush, ($26)
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD BlushMAC Cosmetics Cremeblend Blush, ($26)
Butter London Cheeky Cream BlushButter London Cheeky Cream Blush, ($20)
La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream BlushLa Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush, ($70)

Blusher sticks are the new make-up-bag staple. They snuck in there, slipped in between the kohl and the concealer, and have stayed due to the fact that they’re simple (no brush required, easy to blend, and easy to apply on public transport) and clean, in their little snap-shut casings. Having a stick formulation is great because of the convenience factor –- you can easily use it on your eyes and lips, too! But you can’t get the same variety and choice of colours that you would find in powder blushes, and if too much is applied it can tend to look greasy, so be wary of how much you apply. Twist up the blusher stick and and make sure the tip appears slightly above the container level. It will be easier for you to apply. Place the tip at the center of your cheekbone and stroke it lightly upward and outward toward your ear. Blend the blushing cream upward and outward with your fingertips to achieve a subtle effect.

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick  Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick, ($22)
NARS The MultipleNARS The Multiple, (£30)
BENEFIT Fine One OneBENEFIT Fine One One, (£24)
Maybelline MasterGlaze Blush StickMaybelline MasterGlaze Blush Stick, ($10)
Dior blush Cheek StickDior blush Cheek Stick, ($34)

Birthstone And Its Meaning

Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. Every month is represented by a beautiful birthstone. For example, the seductive ruby for a sizzling July, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone. 

The popularity of birthstones dates back to ancient times when civilizations believed that gemstones had incredible powers such as luck, health and prosperity. Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, birthstones can be incorporated into many beautiful jewellery pieces, making them an exceptional and very personal choice of gift. Gifts of gemstone jewelry with a loved one’s birthstone are very popular because of the desire to wear beautiful color as well as something which has personal significance.

Garnet Birthstone for January
Wearers may see an increase in their self-image, will power and energy levels, and nervous people may feel calmer. Faith, love and constancy are its attributes.

Amethyst Birthstone for February
Amethyst is a symbol of protection and has the power to overcome difficulty. It encourages self control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. Amethyst is also believed to help to steady a restless mind and bring mental and emotional well-being.

Aquamarine Birthstone for March
It has long been a symbol of youth, good health, love and hope. Wearing this gem may reawaken married love, build your courage and increase your happiness.

Diamond Birthstone for April
Birthstones meaning for diamonds is eternal and true love, strength and romance. It was once believed that they could also ward off insanity.

Emerald Birthstone for May
It has long been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. They are thought to aid in recovery after infectious illness, improved eyesight.

Pearl Birthstone for June
Pearls suggest chastity, modesty and stable marriage relationships. They have long been a symbol of purity.It is believed that people who wear pearl can succeed in creative work and it is also linked with a successful married life.

Ruby Birthstone for July
The ruby is associated with harmony, protection, enthusiasm, contentment, success, integrity and strength. It was believed wearing a fine red Ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner.

Peridot Birthstone for August
Peridot is believed to instill power and influence as well as bring the wearer magical powers and properties that protect against nightmares.

Sapphire Birthstone for September
In the Middle Ages the gem was believed to protect those close to you from harm and also represented dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom..

Opal Birthstone for October
Represent hope, creativity and innocence. They also protect the wearer from envious, bad people.

Topaz Birthstone for November
These so-called apocalyptic stones are intended to serve in protection against enemies and as a symbol of beauty and splendour. Topaz is also linked with wisdom, strength, courage and serenity. It soothes physical pain, promotes peace and calms emotions. Topaz also promotes forgiveness and discourages negative emotions.

Tanzanite Birthstone for December
Represent a happy life that is filled with good fortune. Headaches may be relieved or prevented. Ancient practitioners believed that turquoise would actually change color when the wearer was ill or in danger.Birthstones

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