Ask Your Web Hosting Provider These 3 Questions

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In have a “live” website, you’ll need the services of a web hosting company that will host your website so that internet users can access it. Now, not everybody – business owners and individuals who want to launch a website know their way around the technicality and terminologies used in the online context.

With the number of web hosting companies available in the market right now, clients are encouraged to practice extreme caution in choosing a web host provider. The phrase “when in doubt, ask” applies greatly here. Every person has to start somewhere when it comes to learning and getting familiar with web hosting. If you want to make sure you’ve chosen the good hosting company, make sure you ask the hosting provider these questions:


1. What does the web host package include?

In your search for a web host company, get ready to be bombarded with different offers and web hosting packages. Chances are, you might get overwhelmed by these offers. Therefore, examine the hosting package that each company offers. If you are looking into some added features, check their premium packages which may cost more than a basic plan but definitely worth the money spent.


2. How to ensure website security?

With today’s highly advanced technology (good and bad), website security is a must. Ask about the company’s policies and procedures when it comes to ensuring that your website will be safe and protected from possible hacking and other identity related issues. Security does not only mean protection in technical aspects but also on how stored information are guarded in the event of natural disasters. Ask whether the provider has any contingency plan in case there’s a breach in security?

3. What about the amount of disk space and bandwidth offered?

Storage is very important in web hosting and learning what they can offer when it comes to disk space and bandwidth should be a factor to consider in decision making. Just a piece of advice, remember that there is no such thing as Unlimited Bandwidth. Make sure to determine how much disk space they could offer your website and if it will be able to provide a good uptime percentage. Low disk space and an exceeded bandwidth make cause a website to crash and become unavailable.

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As a customer, keep in mind that web hosting companies are engaging in a business, which means they are here to make money. Marketing and promotions of their products and services are a part of their plan to convince buyers to sign up for their services. Take all matters into consideration first before committing to the contract.

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