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Choosing A Lubricant For Pleasure And Safety

Whether you’re having vaginal sex with a partner or masturbating on your own, you may want to add lubrication to:

  • Decrease painful friction in the vagina and/or anus
  • Enhance sexual arousal by stimulating the flow of blood to the vulva, which encourages your body to create some of its own lube
  • Lubricate the clitoris; this can create more sexual pleasure and an easier route to orgasm
  • Change taste during oral sex
  • Keep vaginal skin soft and help maintain elasticity of vaginal walls

However, many couples don’t realize the importance of personal lubricant and may be harming their sex life by making things much more uncomfortable than they need be. Among lubes, there are many choices, whether it is flavored, water-based, silicone-based, organic, etc. This quick guide will help you decide which lube is best for you and your partner.

Water-based Lube: A popular choice for lots of people, water-based lubes won’t stain your sheets like silicone can do to certain fibers. It is also very gentle to the body and will eventually absorb. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toy materials.

Flavored lube is the lube of choice for oral sex! Typically water-based, they add flavor to your lovemaking and can be used for intercourse as well. Check the ingredients for sweeteners, but many lubricant manufacturers make their flavors sugar-free.

Flavoured Pleasure GelDurex Play Saucy Strawberry / Durex Play Cheeky Cherry

Water-based with synthetic glycerin lubricants are  easy to find, low-cost, safe to use with latex condoms, do not stain fabric. However, it can dry out quickly, often sticky or tacky, and synthetic glycerin can trigger yeast infections in women who are prone to them, products containing parabens or propylene glycol can irritate sensitive skin.

Glycerin-free water-based lubricants last longer than lubricants with glycerin, can reduce irritation to the genitals, safe with latex condoms, do not stain fabric, usually thicker and provide a cushion, some are more recommended for anal play
If you have recurrent yeast infections, these are the lubricants to use. They can contain vegetable-derived glycerin,which does not trigger yeast infections

adam-eve-personal-lubricating-gel glycerin

Adam and Eve Water Based Personal Lubricating Gel 8 oz

ID Jelly Water Based Lubricant Gel

ID Jelly Water Based Lubricant Gel

astroglide-natural-water-based-non glyserin

Astroglide Natural Water Based Lubricant

LELO Water Based Personal Moisturizer

LELO Water Based Personal Moisturizer, $24.90 (

Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant 250 Ml

Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant 250ml

Silicone-based Lube: These last the longest of all and are especially recommended for women with chronic vaginal dryness or genital pain.Silicone-based lubricant may be considered ‘the classic’ among lubes. It creates a super-slippery feel that lasts and lasts. Great for all kinds of sex, including anal, silicone lube may be used in water and with most sex toys, but is not recommended for use with silicone toys. Silicone lube is great for massage as well!

durex Play Perfect Glide

Durex Play Perfect Glide 50ml

Doc Johnson Mood Lube Silicone base

Doc Johnson Mood Lube Silicone base

Hybrid Lube: Hybrid Lubricant offers you the best of both worlds. The base of a typical hybrid lube mainly consists of water with a small amount of added silicone to give you the silky-smooth feel of silicone that lasts, but the flexibility of a water-based lubricant.Hybrids offer long-lasting slickness when compared with water-based lubes and are fairly easy to clean (unlike pure silicone lubes).Users should avoid pairing hybrid lubes silicone sex toys, as this will rapidly degrade the toy. However, silicone-water hybrids can be safely used with latex condoms.

Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Silicone and Water Based Lubricant

Swiss Navy 2-in-1 Silicone and Water Based Lubricant

JO Hybrid Lubricant

JO Hybrid Lubricant

Oil-based Lube: Oil-based lubricants can destroy latex condoms. They are safe to use with condoms made from nitrile, polyisoprene or polyurethane.

Natural Oil-Based Lubricants can be found in your kitchen. The general rule is that if it’s safe for you to eat, it’s safe to put on your vulva and inside your vagina. The body can clear out natural oils more easily than petroleum-based lubricants (example Vaseline).  Natural oil-based lubricants such as corn oil, avocado oil,  olive oils,  butter (example Crisco) are great for genital massages, safe for the vagina, safe to eat, good for all forms of sexual play but the bad side is they will destroy latex condoms.


Synthetic Oil-Based Lubricants take longer to clear out of your body than natural oils. They are great for external masturbation, low-cost and easily accessible.However, these type of lubricants can irritate vulva and destroy latex condoms.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13 oz

 Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 13 oz

stroke 29

Stroke 29 3.3 oz

Jack Jelly

Jack Jelly 3.3 oz

Personal Loan Research

Looking for a good deal on a personal loan? Taking the time to research the area of personal loans can be exciting for those interested in finding the best rates and lenders to work with. While this can be time consuming, it also levels the playing field. It can often give you the leverage to negotiate the personal loan types you want from a reputable lender. This is also a great way to prevent yourself from being taken advantage of by a few scrupulous lenders.

One of the best places to start for your personal loan research is the going rates of the industry at the time you are looking to secure such a loan. This will give you a solid comparison when you start looking at the rates individual lenders are offering. There are several things to take into consideration regarding the loan rate.

First, make sure you get the up to date interest rates as rates change often. Next, make sure you are aware of your credit history and credit score. You can expect an interest rate very similar to the industry rate if you have good to excellent credit. However, if your credit has some damage be prepared for that rate to increase on your particular personal loan.

Personal loans may have fees associated with them. It is important for you to understand that it is against the regulations of the Federal Trade Commission for lenders to take any money upfront for a personal loan application or processing fee. Any such fees must be included in the loan. The Federal Trade Commission is an excellent resource for you to look at. Here you will find all the possible personal loan fees that are allowed to be assessed. Make sure you ask any potential lender for a disclosure of all fees, allowing you to find out the entire cost of a personal loan. You have the right to report any violations of these regulations to the Federal Trade Commission in writing, over the phone, or online.

There are many lenders out there offering personal loans. This includes banks, investment brokers, and other financial institutions. Over the years, internet lends have cropped up on every search engine. It is important that you research the lender you anticipate working with.

You can get this information for free. Simply review online postings from other consumers or checking with the Better Business Bureau. You will also want to find out how long the business has been established. Further research can help you find out information pertaining to lenders including interest rates for personal loans, terms and conditions, maximum loan amounts, and repayment terms.

It is in your best interest to conduct research on the personal loan industry before applying for such a loan. There is wonderful information available regarding the going personal loan interest rate as well as individual lender information. Taking the time to conduct research of personal loans can help ensure you get the right loan for your needs at an awesome interest rate.

The Suddenly Slim Diet

The Suddenly Slim Diet plan a new trend in weight loss program. Suddenly Slim relies upon diet pills, diet supplements and meal replacement shakes to change the body’s metabolic makeup. It is a herb-based weight loss program. This diet claims that within ten days, it can to speed up the metabolism rate and to burn calories.

Most people believe that by taking a diet pill every day, while continuously having the same fattening foods and without exercise, they can still achieve fast weight loss. There’s also one scary belief that starvation diet is the fastest way of losing weight. While this might happen for a few people, it doesn’t work for the majority. Well, these methods are not advisable as they will cause many harmful side effects.

Important: You need to lose weight safely, effectively and with no side effects.

The Suddenly Slim Diet plan offers a natural, safe and fast weight loss. The products used in Suddenly Slim Diet plan have a variety of herbal ingredients. The herbal ingredients work by quelling the appetite. The products are supposed to satisfy and reduce hunger and provide the body with essential nutrition. It also raises dieters’ energy level and metabolism rate and at the same time detoxifies their body.

People who have diabetes and high blood pressure are not advised to try Suddenly Slim Diet plan. This is because some ingredients such as fructose and caffeine in the products are unhealthy for diabetics and high blood pressure patients. Do seek medical advice before embarking on Suddenly Slim Diet plan.

Like other diet plan, to achieve a lasting weight loss it does require long-term commitment and adjustment to good healthy eating habits and regular exercising which will eventually lead you to natural weight loss.

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